My Wonderful BCWMH Journey


Ok, I know I’m a tad too late to react about the Finale but after excusing myself during a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner to join the Global Kapit-Bisig Day and shed buckets of tears with my friends and the rest of the world as we bid goodbye to our fave characters and show (even if I didn’t even understand most of the Finale episode due to poor live stream audio), I know then that it’ll take some time before I’ll get the courage to replay.

Guess what?!? The day that I dreaded the most finally happened this weekend! A little over a week after the show’s last airing, I finally mustered enough guts to watch the final episode!!! Boy, it didn’t disappoint! I bawled like a baby for more than half of that 31 min episode!!! #CryBaby

It still baffles me to this day how this show has captivated and changed the lives of many Filipinos in the country and across the globe. It certainly hit homerun! It has touched every fiber of our core… aptly called “Pusong Pinoy” that each and every Filipino like you and I can very much relate to.

How time flies…Has it really been 2 years??? Looking back, I can’t help but ponder upon my own BCWMH journey… It sure is one heck of a ride and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. 😊 I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  We meet people we are destined to meet not by chance but by fate. My BCWMH journey started during their World Tour in FL and I’m amazed at how much I’ve gone through and the number of people that I’ve met through this show…people that have become “real friends” through time.  I consider myself lucky for having this rare opportunity and I will forever be grateful to BCWMH, Tart Carlos, Direk Panying and most especially Richard Yap for that.

Allow me to share a glimpse of my journey, shared with friends that I truly care about.  FYI, their names will be withheld to protect their identity. As a dutiful friend, I respect their privacy but of course they are all welcome to come out hahaha 😂😘😂 … These songs clearly depict what my/our journey’s all about.


To BCWMH actors, staff, crew, writers, directors, prod, promo, creative, thanks for giving us a wonderful show.  You reminded us once again that Family is the best gift we can ever have and we need to treasure every moment with them.  Thank you for reminding us that sometimes the simplest things can give us the most joy in life.  Thank you for showing us what “Filipino values” are all about… I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for the wonderful 2 years that you shared with us. Thank You!

To Ms Jodi Sta Maria, Jerome, Janella, Mutya, Viveika, Joan, Ms Gloria Sevilla, Micah, Joan, France, Vaughn, Dan including Sky & Sunshine thanks for being so accommodating. The photo-op sessions are much appreciated.  It’ll go a long way and I wish you success in everything.

To Direk Panying, thanks for always being so gracious. I may have disrupted your busy schedule (at times) but I want you to know that I truly appreciate you coming out of your way just to ensure that we are ok.  Muchas Gracias, Direk!  I adore you to bits! Until your next project with JLC na #AlamNa 😉👍

To Tart Carlos, I love you to the moon and back, Mars.  Thanks for the friendship.   I’ve met a lot of awe-inspiring people because of you, yourself included. This friendship is definitely beyond BCWMH.  Thank You so much!  Looking forward to more bonding sessions with you.

To Sir Chief, Richard Yap, Thank you!  You’re instrumental to the wonderful friendship I now share with the funniest, wittiest and charming ladies half way across the globe . You’re the glue that binds us together and I will forever be grateful to you.  You inspire us more than you know it and thank you for always carving time from your very busy schedule for us.  You are simply the best! XieXie 🙏😉👍

To my friends, THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful journey with me.

🎶We were strangers
Starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we’d have to go through
Now here we are
And I’m suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope
You were there to remind me
This is the start

And life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river I want to keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey
I’ll be there when the world stops turning
I’ll be there when the storm is through
In the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you🎶

We’ve gone a long way…near and far…long and wide…across all time zones…and we have withstood scores of personal, emotional and even environmental crises including Haiyan and Ruby. I wouldn’t have done it any other way, ladies!  I Love Y’all! #KapitBisigTo Forever

To all the people that I met along the way, thanks for the time.

If you are part of the embedded vid… THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!!! I don’t know how else to say & convey my gratitude but to thank you… My heartfelt thanks & appreciation to all of you. Maraming, Maraming Salamat sa lahat!

So much for this separation anxiety #sepanx…it’s now time to move on.  Everything must come to an end… even the good ones….  But hey, did you notice that there’s no “The End” during that Final Ep?  Does it mean Book 2 or even a weekly spin off is not far from reality??? Well, I can only HOPE just like the rest of you… 😊


(Credits to BCWMH for the episode where At the Beginning scene was lifted from, Mr JC Baguio’s YouTube upload of the Kapit-Bisig Song, Jonathan Manalo, Richard Yap, Jodi Sta Maria, Aiza Seguerra and all cast members who sang the Kapit Bisig song. All rights reserved to ABS-CBN and Star Records)


Chapter 2 – Jones Bridge: The First Official Meet Up

Maya left San Nicolas with a heavy heart but she knows that she needs to do it to help her family. Richard is onboard the same plane going to Manila.  Little did they know that their lives will change forever after this trip…



When it was announced that they are soon bound for Manila, Maya noticed that the passenger next to her has fallen asleep.  She politely wakes him up so they can both listen to the pre-flight instructions.  Maya was listening intently when she realized that “Tatang” has fallen back to sleep so she tried to wake him up for the second time.  Tatang noticed that Maya has been mimicking the flight attendant (FA) facilitating the safety demo so he asked Maya if she’s also an FA.  Maya said not yet as she’s going overseas for 2 years to help her family then she’ll come back to finish her studies and become a flight stewardess.  Tatang gladly said “Sana Nga” and Maya said “Wala pong sayang, ‘tang… Sigurado!”

When they landed Manila, Tatang hopefully tells Maya, “Sana sa susunod na pagkikita natin, stewardess ka na“.  Maya gladly agrees and they parted.

Richard was met by Fred at the airport. Fred asked why he did not take the chartered plane and Richard just responded that it was a long story. Fred said he could have sent the company jet.  Richard dismissed it and just said that everything is okay and that he did get the deal.  They are now the supplier of San Nicolas Air.

07.10.12 GIF1 07.10.12 GIF2

07.10.12 GIF3 07.10.12 GIF4

Maya along with her 2 companions got off the plane and hurriedly tried to get an airport taxi going to the recruitment agency.  Upon learning that there’s a Php 200 flag down, Maya asked both ladies to get off.  They had to take public transport instead and nearly missed their stop.

07.10.12 GIF6 07.10.12 GIF7

The 3 ladies were not prepared to learn the biggest shock of their lives.  The recruitment agency was not legit!  Maya tried to call Lorna but she can’t be reached.  The ladies went to the nearest Police station to report the incident and apparently it was a ‘modus operandi‘ performed by illegal recruiters… they get recruits from different towns.  Maya asked where they can ask for assistance and they were instructed to go to POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration).  They soon confirmed that Lorna Barrios has a pending case for illegal recruitment and they are the third batch to submit a formal complaint. Unfortunately, the authorities must first get Lorna in their custody before they can pursue the case.  Afterwhich, Maya and other complainants will just be called to become witnesses.

With heightened emotions, the ladies could not think of things to do next.  One of Maya’s companion apprehensively said that she can’t go back to Poblador while the other said she will just go back to her hometown.  When asked what she’ll do, Maya sadly informed the ladies that she doesn’t know.

07.10.12 GIF8 07.10.12 GIF9

07.10.12 GIF10 07.10.12 GIF11

Maya was very anxious.  She does not know how she’ll break the bad news to her family.  She wanted to tell them the unfortunate event so badly so she tried to call Kute.  The phone moved from Kute to Cho, Mamang and Nanay Teresita.  Upon hearing how hopeful, positive and expectant her family was, Maya decided not to tell the truth to dampen their spirit.  Although crying, she lied and informed her family that she’s okay.

Maya was walking along Jones Bridge crying her heart out when she confidently tells herself that,

“Hindi lang ito ang magpapabagsak sa’yo Maya…Narinig nyo yon?…Hindi eto ang magpapabagsak sa’kin”. 

Even after the very unfortunate event, Maya’s still positive that she’ll get through it.

07.10.12 GIF12 07.10.12 GIF13

She was still on that side of Jones Bridge fixing her stuff when the Bagoong (shrimp paste) that Mamang gave her slid from her duffel bag and rolled over the main road. She tried to chase after the bagoong when Richard’s car almost hit her! Richard was able to step on the break real fast but was not too happy with the mishap.  Displeased, he said “Hindi kasi tumitingin” and got off  his car to check on Maya.

Glad that she survived what appeared to be a  near-accident,  Maya did not realize that a Police patrol came by.  Police informed Maya that she just committed Jay Walking and demanded for her ID.  Maya pretended to be mute so as not to oblige and the police patrol left soon after.

07.10.12 GIF14 07.10.12 GIF15

07.10.12 GIF16 07.10.12 GIF17

Richard witnessed the exchanges and convinced that Maya’s mute, he asked “Miss, OK ka lang?” 

Mesmerized, Maya just stared at Richard so he had to ask again.

Richard: “OK ka lang?”

Maya nods

Richard: “Gusto mo ihatid na lang kita?”

Without a word, Maya shakes her head to say no

Richard: “Sigurado ka?”

Maya nods

Richard left…

Still awestruck  with the person she just met, Maya giddily uttered,

“Sa lahat ng pangit na nangyari sa araw ko, ikaw and pinaka gwapo”

Maya’s back to her old positive self and walked away…

 07.10.12 GIF18

07.10.12 GIF19 07.10.12 GIF20

Richard came home and was greeted by Manang Fe and Doris. He asked Manang Fe “where is she?”. Manang Fe said she left without saying goodbye and that she tried to look for a replacement but there were no takers.  Richard said he’ll take care of it as no one turns down money.

Maya was looking for a place to stay for the night when she saw the Inn nearby. She’s resolved to take an Econo room but was informed that Php 250 is only for short time, 3 hrs!  With her limited budget, Maya informed the keeper that she’ll just come back at 3am and left. She was walking around the city to while away time when she chanced upon a Bank ATM hub. It was late the next morning when Maya realized that she slept the night inside the bank’s ATM kiosk.  She was awaken by loud knocks and the guard commanded her to leave immediately. Maya asked if she can use the rest room but to her dismay the guard sent her out since the bank is still closed.

Maya used the rest room in one of the fast food resto nearby and even held it close for what appears to be a long time. The queue was already long when she got out.

07.10.12 GIF21 07.10.12 GIF22

07.10.12 GIF23 07.10.12 GIF24

Determined that she will not go back to San Nicolas unsuccessful, Maya looked for a boarding house and started looking for a job.  She tried different recruitment agencies but without any money to use for placement fee, it was extremely difficult to find one. In one of her interviews, she was advised to try the local agencies and so she did. It was during one of these job hunting trips when Maya and “Tatang” met for the 2nd time. Tatang thought she’s already abroad and as what she promised during their last meet up, on their next meeting she’s already a full fledged stewardess.  Maya shyly disclosed that she was unlucky and that there was some set back. She asked Tatang if they can just pretend that they have not seen each other again because she’s not yet a flight attendant.  Maya said she’ll take on any job.  Tatang, matter-of-factly informed Maya that she will not become a stewardess in that office and handed a business card.  He sent Maya off and asked her to tell the hiring manager that she was sent by the owner Don Julio De Mojina. Maya asked Tatang if he’s a ‘Don’ which he dismissed.  He let Maya promise that the next time they’ll see each other again it better be be on the plane.  Maya happily agreed and thanked Tatang.

07.10.12 GIF25 07.10.12 GIF26

Maya was surprised to learn that she’ll be working at the airport and that she’ll start next week.

When she got home, Maya happily informed her board mates that she found a job.  She also called Kute and this time around she can no longer deny the truth.  Maya even wanted to tell Nanay Teresita but Kute advised her not to…at least not yet.  They wouldn’t want to let her worry and they’ll just tell Nanay Teresita the truth when she gets back to San Nicolas.  Maya sadly said she’s not intending to go home just yet because she found a job at the airport.  Kute tried to prod her to go home but Maya said not yet.

“Di ba nga sabi nila, pag nagsara yung pinto may bintana.  Pag nagsarado yung bintana may pintuan pa sa kusina.  Pag pati yon sarado madali na lang butasin yung bintana.  Eto na yon!”

With much enthusiasm and optimism, Maya tried to convince Kute that it’s probably a blessing in disguise.  As if her dreams of becoming a stewardess found it’s short cut because she’ll be working at the airport.

Maya works as maintenance assistant.  One day while doing her regular shift cleaning the ladies room, the FAs noticed Maya staring at them.  Maya happilyshared that it’s been her lifelong dream to become a stewardess, thus, she works there.  One FA asked if she’s a working student and Maya said she’s still saving money to go back to school.  Another FA suddenly realized that Seafare started accepting Trainees and urged Maya to try it out.  Maya said she’s not studying at the moment but the FAs encouraged her to at least try.  She might be able to get in provided she can do both – studies and training.

  07.10.12 GIF2707.10.12 GIF28

 Richard was informed by his secretary that Nikki called in to remind him of the 9am school activity that he needs to attend. However, there’s  a conflict due to a 9am meeting with Seafare. Richard asked Liza to just cancel Nikki’s school appointment as he needs to prioritize the contract with Seafare.

07.10.12 GIF29 07.10.12 GIF30

Happy with the information she received from the FAs, Maya decided to submit her application to Seafare. As luck would have it, Richard Lim was also in the same office impatiently waiting for Seafare Airlines CEO.

Maya: Excuse Me…

Richard: Tell your boss I’m leaving

They were both surprised to see each other!!!

Richard: You can talk???

 07.10.12 GIF31

(DISCLAIMER: I do not own the story and the video where gifs are taken from. All Rights Reserved to ABS-CBN Corporation and the owner(s) and writer(s) of Be Careful With My Heart (BCMWH). NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.  Please refer to ABS CBN or TFC (The Filipino Channel) for the complete episodes of the show. I am simply telling the story to relive the legacy that is BCWMH. Maya and Sir Chief’s Journey is meant to stay forever.)

Chapter 1 – Maya Dela Rosa

Once Upon a Time2

In a small town in San Nicolas, Mindoro there live Maya Dela Rosa.  She’s simple, intelligent, funny, beautiful and most of all an optimist.  Although her family lacks all the riches in the world, theirs is considered to be a “happy home“. Maya contentedly lives with her mother, Nanay Teresita; sister, Christina Rose or “Kute” (short for Kuya-Ate); Mamang (Nanay Teresita’s mother) and Cho (Kute’s son). Cho is born out-of-wedlock and Kute’s son from an undisclosed friend, apparently, when they had a drinking spree. Since Maya and Kute’s father, Tatay Arturo, left them at an early age, they had to find all means possible to augment the family income from their small souvenir shop. Maya, Kute and Cho work at San Nicolas Tours, a local touring service.

Unbeknownst to our Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Prinsesa, their first meet up happened in San Nicolas airport when Maya accidentally bumped into Richard Lim while attending to her clients. They exchanged “sorry” and held gazes for some time but nothing ensued from that encounter.  Richard sped off to meet some lady and Maya proceeded to attend to her tourists.

07.09.12 GIF1 07.09.12 GIF2

07.09.12 GIF3 07.09.12 GIF4

Maya takes pride in being the “Best Tour Guide” in San Nicolas.  She typically brings her tourists to the “Most Romantic Place” in San Nicolas.  The spot for “Sumpaan ng True Love“… the exact same spot where her Mother and Father made their solemn vow to love each other and be with each other…forever.

“Dito sila nangako na peksman tutaparin nila ang mga pangarap nila sa buhay, bumuo ng masayang pamilya, magsama  habang buhay,  makarating sa ibat ibang lugar sa loob at labas ng Pilipinas. Hindi naman importante kung saang lugar basta magkasama.”  

This is something that Maya believes and holds on to dearly through the years…even after Mang Arturo had left them 15 years ago.

One day, Maya and Kute saw Lorna, their recruiter friend, while walking the streets of San Nicolas.  After exchanging pleasantries, Lorna handed her business card and encouraged the two to try their luck abroad. As they started to walk home, Simon, Maya’s ardent suitor saw them and offered to bring the ladies home. Mamang has been so vocal of how fond she is of Simon for Maya.  To her dismay, Maya is really not into Simon. She reasons that it’s not in her priorities and that…

“Hindi naman ako naghahanap ng boyfriend. Dahil alam ko isang araw dadating yung binatang ginawa ni God especially for me”.

Money is often less than their day-to-day expenses and  household needs. One day, MERALCO rep came in and cut their electricity.  Nanay Teresita urged the sisters to pawn her wedding ring but Maya vehemently declined as it’s the last remembrance left by Tatay Arturo.  Maya and Kute will do just about everything to save their family from any financial woes.  Without any plan of recourse, the sisters were forced to donate blood at the local hospital for money.

One stormy night while fixing their leaking roof, Kute fell and broke her leg. She had no choice but to stop her studies and put her dream to become a sea woman on hold.  With huge medical bill and expenses, Maya deemed it extremely necessary to work abroad even for 2 years to help her family. She called Lorna and persuaded Nanay Teresita and Kute to allow her to work overseas.  The Dela Rosa Family had to mortgage their house, the last remaining asset they own, to assist Maya with her placement fee.  Although they are not too happy that another family member is leaving the maternal home, Nanay Teresita, Kute, Mamang and Cho are comforted knowing that Maya will return after 2 years.

“Di ba nga pagdating sa kapakanan ng pamilya, walang panga-panganay, walang ate-ate, walang bunso-bunso.  Ang meron lang TULUNGAN. Kapit Bisig

Maya bid goodbye to her family and left…

07.09.12 GIF5 07.09.12 GIF6

07.09.12 GIF707.09.12 GIF8


(DISCLAIMER: I do not own the story and the video where gifs are taken from. All Rights Reserved to ABS-CBN Corporation and the owner(s) and writer(s) of Be Careful With My Heart (BCMWH). NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.  Please refer to ABS CBN or TFC (The Filipino Channel) for the complete episodes of the show. I am simply telling the story to relive the legacy that is BCWMH. Maya and Sir Chief’s Journey is meant to stay forever.)


It’s still a Fun Day Friday Afterall…

While everyone’s still hurting over the SAD news (myself included), there’s still something to smile about yesterday. Too thrilled to know that he did read the blog! Who wouldn’t?!? Not bad for a first timer, right? 😊

Behind the tweet back, I can definitely feel the sincerity of this man.. now tell me what’s not to like/love about RY?

Though bittersweet, It’s still a #FunDayFriday after all…


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